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We want our clients to feel comfortable with our company, for this reason we have the following range of services to enhance the requirements you need. 

Our services

We offer a range of services to meet your needs



We are the perfect ally between the technology integrator and the end user. We give syntonic form and adapt your equipment for; Banking Modules, Payment Stations, Consultation Modules, parking system, and everything that requires  a Case or metal-mechanic chassis to install high-tech equipment such as touch screens, printers, ticket dispensers / validators, RFID cards, wallets, purses and many more equipment.


Conceptualization and design

We have a highly trained and experienced team to present and provide Industrial Design proposals, innovative forms that differentiate the final product and of course provide functionality, in addition to becoming industrializable products, achieving a Detail engineering with adaptable change control to the improvements and updates that it may require.


Development and processes


Depending on the quantity, we have multiple Quality plants, we work in confidence and loyalty to our suppliers, building paths and technical language that we transfer, ensuring the execution of the project while keeping the focus on the final result. We monitor the development of prototypes and adjust what is necessary so that in the manufacture of batches, the product is as expected and with the quality of Export.

Additionally we import European and American components for the products.


Post-sale service

Accompaniment in the facilities, we improve and optimize times  adjusting the detailed engineering of the plans and manufacturing files, optimizing the following production batches, even achieving revolutionize the market with visionary, customizable and standard concepts, achieving through the years an Impressive Victory and Success Cases.

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