In 2015, this important business project was created with the aim of converting ideas into new industrialized and marketable products; especially in metallic and plastic materials.


Our products are characterized by having the perfect combinations in product development; with Human Factor, Quality, Export Seal and Variety of Highly Technological processes, allowing ideas to generate value and your business to grow.

About us

The success and victory of each project will make it a recognized company as a specialist leader in the development of business at national and international level, strengthening its organizational structure towards the manufacture of new ideas and concepts in sheet metal and plastic products that the dynamic and changing market demand with the best attitude to Service, Honesty, Respect and Love to God.


To be a solid company in the development of sheet metal and plastic projects, always looking for innovation from the conception of design, manufacture, marketing and sale. Supporting the growth of each server, suppliers and customers; with the commitment to cover developments in the broadest scope, less time, cost and the quality standards of each product developed, respecting the environment and business sustainability with the guidance and wisdom of God.



“We design structures in various materials for installation of hardware or electronic equipment in access control or information of any entity Automated”


Corporate values



Creativity and




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           Facatativá - Colombia

Phone: (57+1)  3114714159

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